Avenues Residence

Green and Sustainable Buildings
PROJECT DETAILS:Salt Lake City, UT  Architect: Angela Dean

This home supports the family’s values of health, efficiency, and environmental stewardship. The clients chose to remodel an existing home because they wanted to reduce environmental impact, capture views from a hillside lot, and live in a beautiful and safe structure. The new plan utilizes the original footprint on the existing foundation maintaining the single story and walkout basement configuration. Spaces were added to gain views and better exposure to the south and allow the home to function on one level. Construction commenced with goals to utilize as much of the original structure as possible, although structural inadequacies of the original home revealed during demolition required a significant change in scope. Remodeling was performed on original walls wherever possible in an effort to improve the seismic performance of the building. In addition, this home is noteworthy for successfully taking advantage of emerging reclaimed wood resources to achieve durability, beauty